How to activate your Surge Mastercard®

Congratulations! You were approved for one of the best credit cards in the market for less than perfect credit scores. You are through the hard part and now on to the fun and easy part.

The following article will discuss how you can activate your Surge Mastercard® in a few steps to start enjoying your new credit card and its benefits.

Next steps to follow:

Once you receive your Surge Mastercard® in the mail, you will have received a set of instructions and contact info in the package along with your card.

The most secure way to activate your credit card is through the phone. For security reasons, all the newly issued cards and the reissued cards require that they be activated over the phone.

To activate the Surge Mastercard®, you will need to call 866-449-4514. This number will connect you to the bank directly and you will need to proceed with the automated service and follow the instructions to get the activation process started.

Note: Make sure to call from the number that you provided on the file during your application process. Calling from the same number gives a security check, that the number is live, and the person is authorized as approved.

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